While you were watching the BBC the Ukrainian Government bombed the shit out of dozens of civillians in Lugansk.

Come on Russia Do something ! The dictatorship of the United States of America along with the Zionist Terrorist Jewish Pig$ in Israel are destroying Planet Earth. Please help Planet Earth and bomb Israel and help TEXAS win back our Independence from the dictatorship of the United States of America that has been hijacked by Zionist Terrorist Jewish Pig$ and their Terrorist Supporters and Followers ! TEXAS has a Global Right to be FREE !!! http://www.mayorgalvan.com

News Wire 24

On July 18th 2014, a missile screamed through downtown Lugansk, in eastern Ukraine, leaving a trail of craters in a city park before slamming into a regional shopping district.

” The US-backed government in Kiev, however, denied firing on civilians and blamed the blast on the anti-Kiev self-defense forces.

In a media briefing, a State Department spokesperson claimed to know nothing about the OSCE confirmation of an air strike on downtown Lugansk.

Finally, the  BBC  why has the BBC not reported this? It is clear that the Kiev government lied about the attack on Lugansk and that those lies were accepted as fact by the US  and British governments and they continue to spread lies about the conflict in Ukraine.

In fact the US State Department has actually encouraged the post-coup government in Ukraine to use force against civilians, that right folks. As if the wars in Iraq and Libya…

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