English Speaking Mercenaries Caught on Camera After Attack on Mariupol, Ukraine

Russia Unleashes the ‘Ultimate Black Swan’ – China Follows
Putin made his move…
Russia has begun “dumping” U.S. dollars

This is a quickly developing story that you need to see. It’s being reported that under the direct order of President Vladimir Putin, Russia has begun dumping U.S. dollars.

In the most recent month, the amount of dollars dumped added up to an estimated $8.8 billion in a 30-day period. However, new details are emerging that suggest this attack on our currency may quickly escalate.

Putin has been taking a series of calculated measures to expose weak spots in our economy and national security that pre-date his Crimean invasion.

But according to this must-see presentation from our team of financial experts, what he’s now setting in motion could bankrupt millions of Americans virtually overnight.

Go Putin ! The time has come to galvanize Planet Earth ! Fuck the Zionist terrorist Jewish Pigs in Israel and the USA and all over Planet Earth. Arrest and Hang Netanyahu for Crimes Against Humanity and for his part in Gaza Holocaust. Netanyahu should have hanged a long time ago just like Saddam Hussein ! MayorGalvan (713)528-2607 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A71wdsTqkfM

The time has come to galvanize http://www.mayorgalvan.com

Rabid Zionist bigots suppress research on 9/11 because it implicates Israel in the attack
Join Us and Invest in Freedom! http://www.mayorgalvan.com
We’re winning James

News Wire 24

Sounds like a Yank with good manners to me….

Ukraine will regret the day they allowed Victoria pass out bread Nuland from the USA State Dept in their country…Putin is playing this like a master chess player that has countered every move knowing Kiev does not have the staying power to go the distance even with more IMF loans…After Kiev defaults on all the IMF loans they will have to selloff what’s not been stolen for pennies on the dollar….There is no way the people in East will ever trust the butchers in Kiev that started killing them from day one…Only question is will or when will the separatist ever go from defense to going on the offense and take back Kiev….Kiev is already blocking military age men from leaving the country and drafting men because no one wants to go commit suicide in the East for the lying Porko…

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